The only badge designed exclusively for EMS professionals by EMS Professionals. The Badge of Life™ has been uniquely designed to reflect the EMS professionals pledge to:

SAVE - By providing the best treatment available to patients while in your care.
SERVE- The community in which you work without discrimination.
RESPECT - The dignity and privacy of those homes and businesses you enter.

Manufactured in the USA by Smith & Warren®, The Badge of Life™ features the star of life positioned at the top of the badge with sun rays radiating from the center seal. The standard center seal has been designed using red and blue enamel representing blood that depicts Life. The Eagle represents the National EMS system and the five stars act as yet another reminder to provide every patient with quality care. Unlike most badges, indentations on either side of The Badge of Life™ are used to hold mourning bands in place.

Two standard models are available that have either a solid metal star of life, polished and electroplated to a brilliant silver or gold finish or a classic blue star of life finished with the highest quality hard fired cloisonné enamel. With a variety of finishes, attachments, lettering and EMS center seal options, you are able to customize The Badge of Life™ to meet your specific needs.

The Badge of Life™ - Ask for it by name!