Indy 500 – 100th Anniversary Badge Project

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Indy-500-100th-speedway-police On May 29th, 2016, the Indy 500 will take place at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, marking the 100th anniversary of the world’s largest single-day spectator sport. Throughout the week, the Speedway police and surrounding agencies are tasked to secure the well-being of hundreds of thousands of auto-racing enthusiast. More than 200,000 attendees will be enjoying the premier event of the 2016 IndyCar Series season, as well as the practices and qualifiers leading up to the big race. Special events like the mini-marathon race, sponsored by Angie’s List, and performances by classic rockers Journey and country music/TV star Blake Shelton are just some of the major attractions leading up to the main event. What you also should notice are the special commemorative badges worn by the public safety officers to honor this momentous occasion, and Smith & Warren is proud to have been chosen for this once in a lifetime opportunity to design and manufacture the Indy 500 centennial anniversary shields!
Smith & Warren was our first choice for this project because of their experience in completing numerous large badge projects for the city and throughout the area.Capt. Jason S. Dierdorff - Speedway Police
Each badge design features the Official Indy 500 100th Anniversary logo that incorporates the iconic wing and wheel design. The design which incorporates a reminder of the 100th running of this great race. Highlighted in gold – the color of achievement and champions – the number “1” forms a large racing stripe, representing a balance between the modern and the classic; its extended continuous line is meant to point the way towards its future. The overall angle also implies forward motion and speed. Ultimately, it’s more than a logo. It marks the achievements and ongoing quest for glory that has defined the greatest spectacle in racing from the very beginning.Indy-500-100th-speedway-fire Captain Jason S. Dierdorff (of the Speedway Police Department) has the daunting task of coordinating the public safety efforts for race day and the accompanying events. In addition, he also spearheaded the badge project as a way for the Speedway Public Safety personnel and agencies from the surrounding communities to commemorate this special event. “Smith & Warren was our first choice for this project because of their experience in completing numerous large badge projects for the city and throughout the area,” declared Dierdorff. Multiple agencies sit on the public safety committee for the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, which is governed by the Speedway police. Numerous agencies are coordinated to provide safety and security for all the events throughout the month of May. A separate version of the commemorative badge has also been created, based on the Smith & Warren S155 model, for other participating agencies and those who would like to commemorate the anniversary in their own departments. If you are one of the 200,000+ people going to see the big race, the concerts or any of the events celebrating the 100th running of the Indianapolis 500, stop for a moment, and say, “thank you,” to the Speedway police officers and hundreds of public safety personnel keeping the events safe and secure. And be sure to check out the new commemorative badges up-close!

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