Why you should choose high-relief hand-crafted badges: Part Two

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As we discussed in the first part of this two-part series, we believe your department should invest in a high-relief, intricately hand-sculpted badge die.

“Hand-crafted dies yield a badge that is more detailed, more durable and lighter than an applied panel badge.

What are my options? In one corner, there’s a custom, hand-sculpted badge die create specifically for your agency. In the other, you’ve got a standard badge base with applied panels. The key difference between the two is how each is assembled. Smith & Warren pioneered the method of creating hand-sculpted, highly detailed badge dies that incorporate every detail into a one-piece badge. Every component is carved directly into the die, so when a badge is pressed, it’s a solid product made from a single piece of material. This method yields a badge that is more detailed, more durable and lighter than an applied panel badge. Now that you’ve got the basics, let’s go in for a closer look and see why intricately hand-sculpted, one-piece badges are the superior badge type. Composition High-relief, hand-sculpted badge dies uses the entire body of the badge in order to achieve incredible dimension you just can’t get with typical layered applied panel badges. The artists who carve our dies have the freedom to carve intricate details deeper into the steel, which results in a badge that has incredible high-relief elements such as buildings or landmarks. The end product really pops. Durability Day in and day out, you and your badge will undoubtedly go through a lot over the course of its lifetime. You’re prepared, but your badge has to hold up its end of the bargain. Smith & Warren offers a Full Warranty with every single badge we make, but high-relief, hand-sculpted badges aren’t just covered by our industry-leading warranty. They are engineered to stand up to the challenges of your job. Applied panel badges have their benefits. They allow for a variety of customization options and panel configurations without creating a custom die. However, if your department is building a whole new badge from the ground up, investing in a hand-sculpted die that incorporates all of your unique design elements into the badge itself is the way to go. Lightness If your department is considering creating a custom badge, ask about the die construction and how your design will be built. A lot of badges look great on paper or as a piece of artwork, but what will that artwork be like when it is made out of metal? The badge die is the foundation of the finished product. When you invest in a high-relief, intricately hand-sculpted badge die, you have invested in a solid starting point to a top-quality finished badge that you can be proud to pin to your uniform.

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