Step 1 - Let's Talk.
Talking about your ideas is the best way to start your project. During the conversation we will figure out exactly what you need on your badge and discuss the inspiration behind the badge. This step gives the design team critical information to build the badge that your department desires and to your specifications, budget and lead time.
Step 2 - Designing Your Badge.
The design stage is where we sketch, Illustrate and 3D render your custom badge based on the information we retrieve from our consultations. These steps let you see your badge develop from a concept sketch to a finished badge. Rest assured you will be a part of each one.
Phase 1 - Sketch

The first phase in the development stage is sketching a concept badge. Sketching is the quickest way to get your idea on paper. We can start to envision what your badge will look like. During the sketching phase we will get a sense for the detail and size. Changes to the overall design are most likely to happen here.

Phase 2 - Illustration

The second phase is a colored render of your concept. In this phase the concept will start to form into a more lifelike badge. The flexibility of the illustration allows us to show multiple finish options, different text and color options.

Step 3 -
Your Badge
The design process is now complete and it is time to manufacture your badges. Your badges will be produced entirely within our secured White Plains, NY manufacturing facility without any use of sub-contractors. The finest materials and best manufacturing practices will be used to ensure your badges meet the highest standards for appearance and durability. Every badge manufactured by Smith & Warren comes with our industry leading Full Lifetime warranty.

Phase 4 - Die Cutting

Your approved design is now meticulously cut and sculptured into a solid block of hard steel. This piece of solid steel is known as a "die" and will be used to stamp the parts for your badges. The design cut into your die will exactly match what you approved in the 3D render.

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