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The Smith & Warren Lifetime Warranty Explained:

Every Smith & Warren custom badge is backed by our Smith & Warren Lifetime Warranty.  At no cost to you, we will repair and refinish your Smith & Warren badge for as long as you own it for reasons due to normal wear and tear or manufacturer defect.   We charge no service fee, handling fee, or even return shipping.  We want your Smith & Warren badge looking good for as long as you plan to wear it or carry it.  

Warranty Guidelines:

Smith & Warren custom shirt, wallet, and hat badges, including miniature Family Badges, are covered by the Lifetime Warranty.  Nameplates, collar insignia, and W Series in-stock badges are not covered by the warranty.     

To process a warranty repair please fill out the form below.

You will need the following information to process your repair.

A. Your Full Name
B. Your Return Shipping Address
C. Your Daytime Phone Number
D. A Picture of the front and back of your badge.  Do not zoom in or crop a section of your badge.  Please send pictures of the entire badge.  

You will receive a reply within 2 business days from our repairs department.  The reply will either request additional information if clarification is needed or it will include a return authorization document.  The return authorization will include packaging and shipping instructions.  

Before requesting Warranty Repair Service, please review the following frequently asked questions:

Q: Do I need a Return Authorization?
A: Yes.   Please do not send your badge into the factory without first obtaining a return authorization.  You can request your return authorization by completing the form below.

Q:   Do all scratches get removed when refinishing the badge?
A:  Your badge will be lightly polished before the new finish is applied.  During this process only shallow scratches will be removed, but the deeper scratches will remain.  To remove a deep scratch requires polishing down below the depth of the scratch.   Removing this much material from the surface of your badge will also remove details and generally degrade the badge.  

Q: Do all repairs require that refinishing be done?
A:  Not all repairs require refinishing of the badge.  Certain repairs can be completed without having to strip and refinish the badge.   Refinishing will only be done if required to complete the repair or if you request it.   

Q:  Will my badge come back in new or "like new" condition after I send it in for a refinishing?
A: Your badge is going to come back with a fresh surface finish.  It will be cleaned, tuned and ready for continued use, but it will not be a new badge. Repair and refinishing is not the same as refurbishing. Some types of blemishes and scratches that your badge gets over time are permanent and cannot be removed through the refinishing process.   

Q: How long do repairs take?
A: If the badge you are sending to us for repair is less than 1 year old, then the repair will be completed within 5 business days of receipt at the factory.  If the badge is over 1 year old, then it will depend on the type of repair.   Repairs that do not require refinishing are typically shipped back within 5 business days.   Repairs that require refinishing typically take 4 to 6 weeks.

Q:  Can you change wording on a badge?
A: Engraving is permanent.   We cannot change wording on a badge during the repair process.  

Q:  Can I make changes to the badge when I send it in for repair? (i.e. Change seal, finish, etc.)
A: Under our warranty program no changes can be made.  We can only repair a badge to the originally ordered specifications.  If you would like a quote on making modifications to the badge (change of seal, soft enamel lettering color, finish, etc.) please contact us.

Q:  Can hard enamel be repaired if it cracks?
A: Hard enamel is a glass enamel.  Cracks in glass are permanent.  If the glass is broken we will do our best to repair it with a similar colored epoxy resin to make it look better.  
Q:  My badge is bent.  Can you fix it?
A:  If your badge is very slightly bent due to normal wear and tear we may be able to restore the original shape.   If your badge is more than slightly bent it is unlikely the shape can be restored under our warranty service.

Q:  Can you replace a panel if it falls off?
A: Yes. If your panel falls off, then we can re-attach or replace it with the same wording that was originally there. 

Q: Can you replace a seal if it falls off or is damaged?
A: Yes.   If your seal detaches we will replace it.  We can only replace it with the original seal though.   

Q:  Do you issue a prepaid shipping label for repairs?
A: If your badge requires repair due to a manufacturer defect within 12 months of being shipped from the factory, then we will send you a prepaid shipping label along with the return authorization.   For other repairs you are responsible to get the badge to us.  We recommend using a trackable service.

Q:  What happens if my badge gets lost in transit on the way to the factory?
A: We are not responsible for lost packages.   We highly recommend using an insured and trackable service when sending in your badge.  To avoid losses in transit also make sure your badge is properly packaged.  Always use a box or bubble pack.   Never ship a badge in a standard envelope.   

Q: My badge is in a leather case.  Should I send it as well?
A: Generally the answer is no.  If you can remove the badge please do so before sending it in.  If the badge is permanently mounted, then you can send it to us in the case.  We will remove it and then remount it in the case before sending it back.   

Q: Are leather cases covered under the same warranty as badges?
A: No. Leather items are only covered by a 1 year warranty covering only manufacturer defects.

Q:  Are insignia covered by the same warranty as badges?
A: No. Insignia items are covered by a 1 year warranty covering only manufacturer defects.

Q:  Are nameplates covered by the same warranty as badges?
A: No. Nameplates are covered by a 1 year warranty covering only manufacturer defects.  


**Please do not send in a badge without first obtaining the Return Authorization.**

Warranty Repair Request Form

Welcome to the Smith & Warren warranty repair request form, and thank you for choosing Smith & Warren products.

Please complete the information below to submit your repair request. 

Please note, warranty repair requests apply to Smith & Warren badges only.


Contact Information
Return Shipping Address
Type of Repair (Select all that apply)
Repair Description:

OPTIONAL - Provide a brief description of the damage or the repair(s) needed.

Badge Images
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Upload a picture of the entire badge.
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Upload a picture of the back of the badge.
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